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Black Iron Plate
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Specification of Black Iron Plate

Black iron plate is one of the main materials for steel construction work. Ordinary iron plate used as the connecting plate and the base plate. In addition to construction steel, sheet steel plate sometimes also used as a temporary work for the passing of heavy equipment at the project site with poor soil conditions.

This product has an dimensions measuring length x width x thickness. Plate Black or so-called base plate possessed size 4 Feet x 8 Feet standard size plywood material is often used by the Contractor as an amplifier on a steel structure profile or as the base material profile while fabricator used for the manufacture of tanks, stamping and many more usability material plate ini.Spesifikasi material is extremely diverse ranging from JIS G3131 SPHC, JIS G3101 SS400 and third specification ASTM A36 are the most dominant in the market. Good local produce KS, GG and Import available thickness ranging from 1,2mm up to 200mm.

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